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Sol Yoga helps busy people stay fit by offering livestream, on-demand & private classes that challenge them physically & mentally so they can show uo strong in EVERY aspecti of life. Let's get stronger together.


Feedback from our delighted clientele.

"It's hard to express my gratitude for Ang. I've been doing private yoga with her for over a year. Today I'm stronger mentally and physically. I have muscles and strength! I look forward to our sessions. 30 minutes of yoga with Ang is my prescription for inner calm.

With Ang's support this difficult year, I know myself better. I trust myself more. I feel empowered inside out. She's been my anchor. Our yoga sessions have given me a safe, reassuring space to just be. No judgements, only compassion.

I can't thank Ang enough. She's guided me to a sense of peace and renewed confidence."

Marisa A.

"Yoga has changed my life, enhanced my life and improved my golf game. I was lucky I stuck with it and I’ve loved the journey. And one big reason I stayed with yoga was because of YOU. You're the best! You are a giver, and a joy to be around. Thank you for sharing your journey with everyone."

Liz H.

"I feel amazing after every class! I have SO much energy! Everyone should try it! It changes your life! I love it!"

Momma Trav

“Every day is better with a daily dose of Ang! I love the 20 minute classes!”

Jenna C.

"I just did the new 30 minute power flow and my mind is calm. You truly have a gift. I’ll never stop bragging about your classes. Thank you for sharing your practice!"

Amanda C.

"Moved up to your half hour class today. Feeling spacious.”

Ben L.

“I can’t tell you what Sol has done for me over the last decade. The warmth of the studio has really helped me through some challenging times. Your approach ability and easy-going personality was part of that. Your attitude and welcoming demeanor always meant so much to me. Just know how much you’ve changed peoples lives. It’s quite a gift you’ve given not only to me but to so many.”

Melanie Z.

"I love being sore after I take your classes! I did the “Create Your Own Sunshine” yesterday! LOVED it!!! Thank you!!!”

Jackie C.


What do I need to set up my home practice?

Internet connection


A block 

A mat

Silence all notifications so you can focus. 

Wear something comfortable and take your socks off. We practice barefoot. 

Drop all expectations.

Don't give up. Commit to at least 4 weeks and see how you feel.

Do I need a lot of space?

No. A yoga mat measures 24 in x 68 inches. You can roll it out next to your bed, in the kitchen, or out back on the lawn! That's the beauty of a yoga practice... You can practice from anywhere!

What are the benefits of a home practice?


Privacy of your own space.

Freedom of judgement. 

Saves time & money. 

We get stronger together.

What is power yoga?

Power yoga is a dynamic, athletic style of yoga that links poses together in flowing sequences. It emphasizes strength training, flexibility, and balance through the use of challenging poses and continuous movement.

Ang’s philosophy is: we only have 30 or 45 minutes together, so let's work hard! Ang was a personal trainer in her past life so you can expect lots of planks as they create heat in the body and will build a strength you never knew you had.

How is power yoga different from other yoga styles?

Unlike meditative forms of yoga, power yoga focuses on strength. It moves fluidly from pose to pose instead of holding static postures. In our style of power yoga, expect lots of planks as they build a TON of full body strength.

What can I expect in a power yoga class with Ang?

Expect a vigorous workout as you flow through sequences of sun salutations, standing poses, arm balances, core work, and other challenges. The pace moves fluidly from pose to pose, synchronized with breath. Push-ups, lunges, and other strength moves are common. Get ready to sweat!

What are the benefits of power yoga?

Power yoga improves strength, balance, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. It torches calories and tones muscle. The mental focus required also improves discipline and concentration. A consistent practice helps manage stress.

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