Join Sarah Costanza for this awesome 2 hour workshop!

Work Hard – The first hour is dedicated to yoga and fitness, a vigorous basic flow to build a sweat that we will break down so you can understand and implement at home. Whether your goal is a stronger core, safely learning to practice inversions, or simply a way to burn calories, yoga asana (poses and movement) and pranayama (breathing) can be essential tools.

Rest Harder – The second hour is a slow burn and cool down, with an emphasis on hip opening, gentle and deep backbends, and a final restorative sequence. One of the keys to the deeper levels of yoga (pratyhara, dhyana, dharana) is knowing that as hard as you work, you must rest even harder., The what’s and why’s of the postures are broken down into sequences for home practice.

Yoga never stops, so the time we dedicate to practice is sacred, but also must be logical. Work Hard offers a basic understanding of how to practice at home: sequencing, safety, and strength. Rest Harder presents tools for opening and restoring the mind, body, and soul. Balance is the key to yoga…and life. Reserve your space here.

Saturday, March 28, 2015
11:30 – 1:30 pm