The toughest times require even more self-care. Practicing yoga consistently is such a powerful tool for regulating emotions and managing stress. Yoga is an exercise that re-centers us. It allows us to tune into our bodies and reminds us that everything is connected both physically and mentally. Yoga is hands down one of the best self-care tools out there.

We are constantly in stress mode as we continue to watch the ever-changing world around us, due to COVID-19. Yoga reminds us to become aware of the present moment, rather than worrying about the future or beating ourselves up about the past. The practice is designed to shift our focus and bring our attention inward.

Power Yoga at Sol Yoga Studio will keep you moving so you can tone your body, strengthen your body and move energy through you. By stepping on to your yoga mat, you focus on connecting breath and movement which allows you to melt away any anxiety or fears.

Use yoga to find peace during this uncertain time. Here’s some of our favorite yoga poses to practice during the pandemic.

  1. Child’s Pose. This comforting position allows you to re-connect with your body and open the hips to de-stress.
  2. Warrior 2. Both an empowering and grounding pose, Warrior 2 allows us to quiet the mind, embrace stillness and reduce anxiety.
  3. Pigeon Pose. Through a hip opening stretch, this allows you to connect with tightness and tension. We learn to reduce tension by letting go with every exhale.
  4. Crow Pose. The perfect arm balance of holding on and letting go. This pose allows you to accept your fears and honor your strength to fly.
  5. Twists. Twisting is an opportunity to wring out something that isn’t serving you and encourages us to create space for something new.
  6. Legs up the wall. This pose can bring your heart rate down towards the end of practice and will focus your attention on the slowing of the breath.
No matter if you choose to practice online or in-studio, yoga brings us a holistic sense of health and well-being. Just by moving your body, you can change your perspective on what’s important in your life and honor gratitude for so many things you have in your life. Yoga has been our lifeline through 2020 and we are so grateful to share it. We needs yoga now more than ever!