By Angela Travaglini, Owner of Sol Yoga Studio in Conshohocken

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Do you ever wonder why we say “Om” at the end of a yoga class? We’ve all heard about this word but what is it? What does it mean?

It is somewhat difficult to describe with words but Om represents everything. It is said to be the seed of all creation. Om is a sacred sound and a spiritual symbol. It is the universal sign of peace. It is the sound of the soul.

When we “Om” together, it joins us as a community, as a family. I like to bring my palms together right at the heart and press the thumbs into the chest. When that connection is made, the vibration from the Om sound can really be felt. Every time a feeling runs through my whole entire body and it is pretty darn powerful.

Let’s break it down as it really contains three sounds that blend beautifully together.

The A (ahhhh): Ahh is the beginning of all sounds. It connects us to our sense of self, the ego.

The U (ohhh): Oooh lets in the lightness, clarity, balance and goodness.

The M (mmm): Mmm allows you to slow down in order to feel the connectedness of all that is.

So at the end of your next class as we are preparing to Om after savasana, think of it as a way to seal our practice. A sound of unity. A sound of peace. A sound of gratitude for sharing our practice together. Think of it as a way to send out positive vibes from your heart into the hearts of everyone in the room and extend it all the way out into the world. Because let’s face it… we could all use a little more peace in our days and in our lives, right?


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