ChaturangaForget fear and join Kelly and Kristin as they assist you in finding the physical and mental power to dive into arm balancing! Arm balances can be a little intimidating. The first step is developing a strong chaturanga (low push-up). Have you ever felt uncomfortable or even a little pain in chaturanga, but keep ploughing on through? How low should you go? What do you do with your elbows? We will go over the many minor adjustments that can be made to help you find the best version of chaturanga for your body and skill level. Once we’ve refined your this pose we will go over jumping back to it, Crow and kicking back, Side Crow, Eka Pada Koudinyasana and Astavakrasana. 


** If we get over 20 registered yogis, we will hold the workshop across the street at Action Karate **


Sunday, November 15th
12:00 – 2:00 pm