Summer is officially here, and many of us have vacations planned for the upcoming months. Recently after class, many regular yogis would say, “I am going to miss class next week because I will be away.” Then I tell them about Sol to Go so they don’t have to miss a beat!

Sol to Go is our audio tracks program recorded from our live power yoga classes in our Conshohocken yoga studio. If you are on vacation or out of town for business trips and miss yoga, Sol to Go is for you. If you simply can’t make it to one of the scheduled classes because of your hectic schedule (work, family, kids’ activities) Sol to Go is for you.

With Sol to Go, you can take a power yoga class wherever you are – in your home, in a hotel room, on your patio, etc. All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone that allows you to get online to access our audio power yoga classes.

Sol to Go is for yogis who have been to a power yoga class in our Conshohocken yoga studio. If you’ve never been to a live power yoga class, then I would not recommend our audio tracks until after you’ve been to a couple of the live classes. The reason is yogis who have been to class know and understand verbal cues. For example, they know what “downward dog” or “warrior two” looks like without having to look at other people. For individuals who have not done power yoga before, they won’t know how to get into the pose and the proper form of the pose. It will be difficult to know whether you are doing the poses correctly without an instructor there to correct you. We wouldn’t want you to get hurt trying to get into a pose.

Sol to Go offers different passes:

  • daily pass for $5,
  • monthly pass for $20,
  • 6 months pass for $100, and
  • yearly pass for $200.

Simply click here to get your Sol on wherever you are! Namaste!