Review of Plymouth Meeting, PA Sol Yoga Studio

“Angela got me into yoga a while back and I haven’t done it in a few years since I had my son. I went back to taking Ang’s yoga class after years of being stiff and afraid of being surrounded by advanced yogis. When I returned, I realized how much I missed that amazing infectious yoga feeling. Level and experience doesn’t matter. Even for the times I can’t fully hit a certain pose, just trying and sweating out the toxins makes it worth it. Ang tweaks her instruction style to accommodate new people, as well as the advanced so everyone is comfortable.

Angela’s classes are slightly different than many yoga classes I’ve taken. It’s a strong, powerful, unbelieveable workout with a splash of zen. It’s just enough to relax your mind and focus on the workout. Overall, the best way I can put it is that usually I am mad at her during the practice and then loving her on my ride home. : ) ”

~Nicole Marino, 11-17-2013