Review of Sol Yoga Studio, Conshohocken PA

“My yoga journey has only recently begun, thanks to Ang! Yoga was something I knew very little about but always wanted to try. After taking just one class with Ang, I was completely hooked! Throughout the past few months, I can honestly say that I’ve noticed improvement in my balance, strength, and flexibility. Besides the obvious physical results, I’ve been able to apply the calm and peacefulness that yoga brings to my everyday life. I find myself better able to handle stress, live in the present moment, and not worry so much about things that I cannot control.

I feel so lucky to have met Ang. As an instructor she is so explanatory, motivating, uplifting, and encouraging. The passion she has for practicing and teaching yoga shines through when you take a class with her. I feel like the class flies by due to the excellent flow and perfect combination of power and peacefulness. You will leave her class feeling incredibly refreshed with a smile on your face! I strongly believe that, what started out as something to try once, has now become a part of my life. Thanks to Ang for the positive changes and lasting benefits I’ve encountered on my yoga journey. Namaste.”

~Emily Kurtz, 10-05-2013