press picThe press. A powerful, elegant transition that defines the practice of inversions in Vinyasa yoga. The key to reaching this ultimate destination is not magic, or ego, but humility. Learning to press requires yogis to be humble, to be disciplined, and most of all to understand that the practice of yoga, especially intense forms of inversion flow, is not about final destination, but rather the journey. There are no shortcuts in life or in yoga; the road is long, but like all long journeys there are many amazing destinations along the way. Pressing the Issue is a two hour workshop that focuses on the process of learning the press and the fun places to stop along the way.Float’s – Understanding, mastering, and controlling the float from down dog and the float to chaturanga serves as the foundation.Fly’s – Flying from down dog or the two legged hop to handstand.

The Press – The bent legged press and the straight leg press.

Take your practice to the next level – leave the ego, bring the fearlessness, and come float, fly, and press your way to a stronger, more confident you. Reserve your space here.

Sunday, April 19th
11:30 – 1:30 pm