yoga on the beachMany of you are headed to the beach for some rest and relaxation in the upcoming weeks. If you’re planning on doing power yoga on the sand, keep in mind these tips:

If you’re using a mat, use a beach towel to keep it in place. Alone, your mat on the sand acts like a surfboard, causing a lot of movement! The towel should help hold it still while you practice power yoga on the beach!

Be prepared to use a slightly different set of muscles! Practicing on an uneven surface like sand builds the secondary muscles in your feet, hips, knees, and shoulder joints. You might be sore the next day!

You should probably take the intensity level down a notch. Move a little more slowly to prevent injury on the unfamiliar terrain.

Start with some trial poses like child’s pose or downward-facing dog to get a feel for practicing on sand before trying harder poses.

Use baby powder to get sand off your mat afterwards. Seriously, it works!

Need some guidance flowing through a practice? Sol To Go is our library of previously recorded live classes to help you get your Sol on! So fun!