3 legged down dog yoga studio conshohocken boys sports team

3 legged down dog!

We had the chance this week to do yoga with a boys ice hockey team (and the coaches). We plan to meet once a week for four weeks.
The ages: 13 and 14 yr olds.
The outcome: THEY LOVED IT!

The whole experience was so neat! They were shocked at how hard it was and they were SOAKED in sweat. By the time they walked out the door, the smiles on their faces couldn’t be any brighter!

This is a niche we are breaking into so if you have a team looking to better their performance and work on team building, let us know!

Last summer we worked with a boys swim team, junior varsity and varsity. There were about 35 kids. Each Saturday, for 6 weeks, we moved all the desks in the classroom at the local high school and practiced for an hour. By the end of the 6 weeks, their endurance was better. Their strokes and breathing had improved. They slept better. Some kids even said that they felt they had become nicer and wished their parents practiced yoga so they wouldn’t be so tense all the time. AMAZING coming from teenagers!

Yoga once a week makes a HUGE difference. It is a GREAT addition to all of the other workouts we already do! I think back to my high school lacrosse days, and know my whole experience could have been so much better with practicing yoga at least once a week. It helps with breathing and building endurance. It prevents injury by working on flexibility and elongating the muscles. It improves core strength and increases motivation. It promotes better sleep so the team is ready to rock for the next practice or game! It also builds confidence and a institutes positive outlook on life. The list goes on and on!

Every team should be incorporating yoga into its training schedule whether it is in season or off season! Professional teams are even doing it!

Contact us if you or someone you know is interested!!!!! You will not be sorry!