Ang Wilson, proud owner of Sol Yoga

Our Story

I stumbled upon my first power yoga class in 1998. I just lost my cousin Danielle in a sudden car accident on Christmas Eve. HORRIFIC. We were only a year apart. We shared 21 years together before she was taken from us way too soon.

My heart was shattered. I was searching for anything to start the healing process. ANYTHING.

My mom sent me to therapy and after a few weeks, I just wasn’t connecting with the therapist. I was frustrated, angry and very sad.

I remember crying my eyes out in child’s pose in the beginning of yoga class and feeling like I’d finally found what I was looking for! Not only had I found my workout, but also my work in.

I felt safe. I felt strong and confident. I realized the more I showed up on my mat, the stronger I became both mentally and physically. I had the strength to try challenging poses on the mat but also the courage to make hard decisions off the mat. I quickly realized it was all related.

As the passion inside of me kept growing, I decided to get certified in the fall of 2002 at Power Yoga Works. By January of 2003, I was teaching and felt really alive. More alive than I have ever felt and was LOVING it!

Sol Yoga Studio was born in 2011. Teacher trainings and retreats followed. What started out as a search for healing, turned into a passion that I had to share with as many people as possible. We only get one shot on this earth and we all deserve to live it fully. We all need strength to heal and yoga is the answer. The key is committing to at least once a week because consistency leads to growth.

Taking everything I’ve learned from my yoga journey, I’ve bottled it all up into one place. At Sol, our mission is to help clients feel less stressed and more inspired through the joyful experience of power yoga. We offer our students an invitation to step out of the chaos and onto their mats for a kick-ass flow that helps them release the heavy. Sol’s classes are challenging and designed to help clients make the most of their time on the mat. Always rooted in power vinyasa, they’re as much a work-out as a work-in, and will leave participants feeling lighter, happier, and accomplished.

Grateful for this journey,

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