IMG_8152It’s the end of the summer, and it was busy for a lot people. We are coming into fall, and I can’t tell you how many people come in the studio and say “I haven’t been here in so long.” My answer is always, “I know, life gets in the way.”

Whether we work, volunteer, have families, have side jobs, take care of an elderly person or whatever your commitments are, it just never ends. We live in this crazy, busy world. Sometimes it affects our yoga practice because there are a thousand other things we could be doing.

The reality is that we need yoga to reset. We need yoga so we can come off our mats and in to the world  a little calmer and a little lighter to tackle these tasks. We are all in the same boat. It’s hard to set aside an hour to get on your yoga mat, but the reality is that it will not only benefit you, but everyone around you!

We had a woman come in the studio last week for a 4:30 yoga class. She has been missing the 4:30 classes, and she said to me after class, “I was so stressed at work that I couldn’t get to class. I realized that making myself leave work and get here makes me more focused when I get back to work later on at night when I get home.”

Getting a break from our life is really important. Many of us don’t get lunch breaks. How many people do you know work through lunch or sit at their desks to eat? That is just horrible. We need the mid-day pause. We need that pause in the morning, day or night to get on your mat to reset to come back calmer, stronger and more focused.

My recommendation for someone who feels this way is the following:  Notice that we are all feeling that way. We are all busy.

Start by setting aside one hour a week to get on your mat. A lot of people start off by coming 3-4 times a week, and then they fall off the wagon because life gets in the way. Then, they don’t come at all and weeks and months go by. They start to notice that they are a little more tense, irritable and crabby. It’s like a dog that doesn’t get exercise. They get restless, distracted, irritable and antsy.

See if you can set aside one day a week where an hour would fit nicely into the day… Let’s say Tuesdays at 6:30. Then plan your week around that time slot making sure you make it to class on that day.

It doesn’t matter that it’s only once a week. It’s better than not getting on your mat at all! That’s how I started years ago. I went once a week and didn’t miss that class. Once a week is a great way to start because you will start to feel good and remember why you started practicing in the first place. Your mood will also start to boost, and you will sleep better and feel calmer.  Then, maybe you can find another hour in the week to practice power yoga, and maybe you can make it 2 days a week.

Try not to be so hard on yourself in getting back into it. Obviously the more we practice, the better we feel, but once a week is a great way to start if you currently aren’t getting on your mat at all. Don’t let life get in the way of your power yoga practice. Namaste!