Kids Yoga in Conshohocken

Kids Need Yoga Too

Kids yogaSol offers kids yoga for ages 4 – 8! Kids yoga classes are held on Sunday mornings from 10:45 – 11:45 a.m. with an adult power yoga class at the same time down the hall!

So come drop the kids off and get your Sol on too! If it your child’s first time trying kids yoga at Sol, please use the promo code “LittleSols” in the checkout screen for a $5 discount!



Benefits of Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga Conshohocken PA | Sol Yoga Studio "Got Sol"

*Releases anxiety and helps kids cope with stress
*Engages focus and develops patience
*Unites children in a fun, non-competitve environment
*Develops a strong, flexible, and healthy body
*Relaxes the body promoting better sleep
*Builds stronger immune system
*Strengthens visual, auditory, and kinestetic awareness
*Improves balance and coordination



Kids Yoga Birthday Parties

Kids yoga Conshohocken, PA | Sol Yoga Studio "got sol"2 hours of pure fun! The first 45 minutes to an hour is the actual yoga class taught by our wonderful Miss Jackie. The 2nd hour is about snacks, yoga games and fun music for the kids to get their yoga dance on. Contact us if interested!