Ed in Scorpion PoseHey! Ang here! Wanted to share something that hopefully inspires some of you and changes your way of thinking a little bit.

When Ed started coming to Sol, the instructors and I nicknamed him Scorpion Ed because he was always in some crazy arm balance, and always with a smile on his face. It was FASCINATING to have him in class and watch him flow.

I know many people get intimidated by Ed’s class. He can hold handstand like all day long, for real. I had the honor of practicing with he and Kristin yesterday for TWO hours. TWO hours!?!?!?!

Could I do everything he did? NO WAY!

Did I beat myself up every time I came down out of handstand, while he was still up and smiling? NO.

Were my arms shaking and was I tired? Um, YES!

But what I got from it was this: He is one strong human being. I see just from that snippet of practice yesterday how hard he works EVERY time he is on his mat. And not to mention that he is on his mat EVERY day. Sometimes even twice a day. It has taken YEARS of work and dedication to get him to where he is in his yoga practice and in life. And like anything else, the more practice, the better it gets.

We are going to practice every Tuesday. How lucky am I? And I gotta tell you, I can NOT wait. I have so much to learn from him and I now get the honor to flow with him weekly. SO FUN! I can’t wait to get better at all the things I couldn’t do yesterday during practice. Instead of giving up and thinking “I can’t do that” and never flowing with him again, I thought to myself, “I am going to show up on my mat and try, every single time.” It is all we can do, right?