Jackie Leck Teaching Yoga at Sol Yoga in Conshohocken

Jackie Leck, Teaching Yoga at Sol Yoga in Conshohocken

About Jackie Leck

Jackie discovered yoga at her local gym on Thanksgiving Day 2007, thinking she would try something new to burn extra calories before the big feast. What she found was something so much more – an athletic workout with a beautiful message that left her feeling calm and inspired. Jackie began practicing regularly; developing a passion for yoga and the strength it gave her. She also began to develop the desire to incorporate yoga into her teaching.

Being an elementary school teacher of students with special needs, Jackie saw how anxiety negatively impacted her students’ performance in the classroom. She began using a variety of breathing techniques to calm her students before testing and noticed the positive effects immediately. From there, she incorporated yoga activities into her daily classroom routine to improve students’ attention and focus.

She recently started a yoga club at her school to help children grow confidence, reduce stress and discover mindfulness and gratitude. Jackie received her child yoga training from Child Light Yoga in July 2014. She is excited to have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of others through another vehicle. When Jackie is not teaching and practicing yoga, she is spending time with her two-year-old daughter and her husband.