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Angela Travaglini | Sol Yoga Studio, Conshohocken "Got Sol?"Angela Travaglini

Fitness and overall well-being has been a focus for Angela for decades.  She discovered yoga in 1998 when, due to an injury, she had to take a break from running. What she failed to realize at that moment was that yoga was going to change her life. While the physical component of yoga was what drew her in, as she practiced more and more, the spiritual component became increasingly important. Feeling more centered and grounded, she began to practice daily. Yoga replaced running and lifting weights, and, despite conventional thinking (and in fact her own thinking at the time), Angela continued to get stronger and stronger. What started out as a necessary diversion from running became a passion. She’s been providing yoga instruction, in both group and individual settings, ever since, and her commitment to her own practice, as well as to the practice of others, has intensified. The next step in this amazing journey was opening Sol Yoga Studio, which came to life in September 2011. Angela was certified to teach by Power Yoga Works in 2005. In June 2012, she completed Level One Teacher Training with Baron Baptiste. In the same month, she was chosen as one of Lululemon’s ambassadorsIn 2014, a new yoga love came into her life called acro yoga. She aspires to be officially certified to teach acro by 2015.  As a graduate of Millersville University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Commercial Art, Angela still continues freelance work as a graphic designer. She lives in the area with her boxer, Rocco. Life is good 🙂

Jackie MessantonioJackie McGovern

Jackie’s passion is educating children, demonstrated through her commitment to her own education and focus on expanding the ways she can impact children. With a Bachelor’s degree from The University of Scranton, Jackie is certified to teach Elementary Education. Having worked for the past four years with children with special needs, she is presently pursuing additional training and certification in Special Education at Chestnut Hill College. Jackie is a lifelong athlete, but was introduced to yoga only two years ago. She quickly moved from dabbling in a new ‘exercise’ to devotion to an activity that brings her benefits well beyond the physical. Through yoga, Jackie felt a stronger mind-body connection—as well as a higher level of both fitness and self-confidence—and she grew to love yoga. She shared her passion for yoga with her students, and was delighted to see that they were intrigued by it—asking questions and wanting to learn more. Trying to address their interest and excited to share with them her practice, Jackie introduced her students to some yoga stretching, and was amazed at their level of continued interest, but more importantly at the way even this ‘light yoga’ improved her students’ focus on whatever activity followed. This inspired Jackie to explore the benefits of yoga for children. In July of 2011 Jackie attended the ChildLight Yoga training at the Yoga Life Institute in Devon, Pennsylvania. What she learned there was that children’s yoga is meant to revive the mind, body, and soul just as it does for adults, but children’s yoga importantly incorporates more play and imagination, helping kids connect and work together to balance their overall sense of well-being. Jackie recognizes the increasing pressure on 21st century learners, and the importance of critical thinking and problem solving for children’s success. She, like many, believes in the proven benefits of yoga for children to enhance these critical skills.

Jan BettiniJan Gilchrist

Jan has been a fitness enthusiast for well over a decade and taught group fitness classes throughout college. She injured both knees as a result of running three years ago and started exploring alternatives to her daily workout. Jan had previously practiced bikram yoga and discovered power vinyasa in 2009. After breaking her wrist in late 2009, she came back to yoga determined to recover from all injuries and was focused on getting stronger. Jan completed her training at Power Yoga Works in Philadelphia in the summer of 2011 and continues to accumulate hours towards her 200 RYT. Jan graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Advertising/PR and currently works in the pharmaceutical research industry. She also enjoys running, spinning, weight and resistance training, and Pilates. Jan’s passions are traveling and spending time at the shore. Originally from Conshohocken, Jan currently resides in Philadelphia.

Jenna Bergen

Jenna Bergen Southerland

Jenna is a registered yoga teacher (RYT200) and the Fitness Director at Prevention magazine. She is happiest when she’s doing yoga, traveling somewhere new, or exploring the aisles of Whole Foods. Her perfect Friday: Good friends, good food, great wine.




Kelly Pedrotty-StumpKelly Pedrotty-Stump

Since Kelly was very young, she has been involved in athletics and continues to push the limits. From finishing a Tuff Mudder this past year to running marathons, she has always enjoyed challenging herself. After playing four years of lacrosse at Bloomsburg University, she took up running. She developed a knee injury and was unable to maintain the level of running that she was used to. Through the frustration of the injury, Kelly decided to take her first yoga class. She began practicing to Ashtanga Yoga and then moved to Power Vinyasa Yoga. Kelly completed her training in the Fall of 2008 at Power Yoga Works. Kelly is a school counselor in the Springfield School District and an exercise consultant at the Renfrew Center of Philadelphia. Over the past twelve years, Kelly has been passionate about her work at the Renfrew Center. She co-developed an exercise program for women in recovery from eating disorders. The program helps woman develop a healthy relationship with exercise. Yoga and mindful exercise are the core components of the program. Kelly’s research focus includes exercise abuse among women and athletes with eating disorders. Kelly lives in the area with her husband Kyle and her two boys Brody and Sawyer.

Kristin FrederickKristin Frederick

From setting the pull up records in elementary school to headstand contests with her friends in the living room, Kristin was born athletic. So naturally, after suffering what seemed like a never ending cycle of hardships growing up, she turned to exercise as an outlet for stress. Eventually this outlet no longer worked and no matter what kind of workout she did or how often she did it, she was always left feeling tight & stressed. Always seeing herself as a victim of her past, unable to just let go, kept her in a constant state of tension. She didn’t know it at the time but the day Kristin walked into her first power yoga class all that would change. Always thinking yoga to be too easy, leaving her wanting more of a workout, she was shocked when 20 minutes into class she was dripping with sweat. She left class feeling lighter, cleansed and surprisingly happy. So she started going once a week and after 5 weeks she was not only less stressed but loved the changes in her appearance — a longer, leaner body — and started practicing 3-4 times per week. That’s when she really started to see the benefits that would completely change her life. Her confidence soared.The negative nancy attitude she consistently carried shifted towards the positive. She became more mindful in all aspects of life. Her focus slowly began to shift from the pain of the past & anxiety about the future to the present moment. Then one day it just hit her. She could not remember the last time she thought of herself as a victim. This change is what led her to Power Yoga Works teacher training. She wanted to share the gift that power yoga gave her with the world. Kristin completed her teacher training at Power Yoga Works in July 2012 and now practices 4-5 times a week. She also teaches mat pilates and loves challenging others to lead healthier lives. Kristin is currently studying to be a certified personal trainer and lives in West Norriton with her husband and her little shadow, Raleigh the puggle.

Ed Mattioni Ed Mattioni

Ed discovered yoga in 2007 at his local gym on the beach in Venice, CA and was immediately hooked on the practice. Before that, he had spent his time playing collision sports and lifting weights, never realizing there was a different path to fitness, health, and life itself. Under the guidance of his first teacher and mentor, Angela Kukhahn, he studied Vinyasa yoga, completing his 200 Hour Yogaworks Teacher Training with Yogaworks Senior Teacher, Joan Hyman. His personal practice blossomed while studying with Krista and Brock Cahill, who taught him their innovative and challenging, Inversional Flow style of yoga. He teaches several different styles of classes including: Vinyasa, Yoga For Athletes, Inversion Flow, Restorative, and the Yogaworks Method. More than anything, Ed enjoys a powerful, physical practice that opens the door to spiritual and intellectual growth on both an individual and communal level. Yoga is about evolution through sweat, dedication, core work, sincere studiousness, childlike fun, personal reflection, and going upside down as much as possible. Doing handstands may not change the world, but if you can do handstands, you might start to believe that you can.

Laury RaikenLaury Raiken

Laury has been passionate about fitness and nutrition from a very young age. Working in the physical rehab field right out of high school gave her a great head start on the road to becoming a personal trainer in 2002. After a few years of experience she decided to start her own training business in 2005. Laury has worked with clients of all ages and backgrounds–from collegiate and high school athletes to retired adults and everyone in between. Her background in fitness and sports nutrition has helped coach private clients from around the globe, and her health blog has helped her to connect with and motivate hundreds of readers per day. However, despite all the fitness in her life, she always felt that there was something missing from the equation. About three months after the birth of her precious daughter, Laury decided to try a class at Sol Yoga Studio. She had taken yoga on and off for years and practiced at home with DVD’s as a “chore” just for stretching. When Laury walked into that power yoga class she had been feeling a little down about her loss of strength and her physical shape post-baby, but left feeling incredible that she survived such an unbelievable practice! In the 11 years as a fitness trainer Laury never felt so fulfilled from a single workout. Not only was it intense physically, it did something for her mentally that no other workout has ever done before. The energy and the mental joy from that single class changed her life. The physical changes in her body and personal growth after a short period of time practicing resulted in yoga taking precedence over her other workouts. Less than a year later Laury enrolled at Power Yoga Works in Philadelphia for her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. Of all the things she is passionate about in the health industry, yoga now tops it all. Sharing the gift of the practice that has brought her so much joy with others has filled the void she started to feel in her career. Laury feels so blessed to have the opportunity to work alongside such amazing teachers and share the gift of this practice with the yogis who inspire her every day. When Laury is off the mat she enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter and kitty in Blue Bell. She also enjoys writing, cooking and baking and is currently working on her first cookbook! Check out her amazing blog!

Megan WhitakerMegan Whitaker

Megan fell in love with yoga 5 years ago at Purdue University while doing an internship. At the time, she was an avid runner, but running was increasingly difficult due to an old knee injury. It wasn’t long before she was addicted to the heat, the positive energy, and the vigorous workout that yoga would provide on a daily basis. Megan enrolled in the 200 Hour Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Certification at Power Yoga Works, Philadelphia during Fall 2010. Following completion, she began teaching at a local hot yoga studio and gym, and continues teaching today. Megan graduated from La Salle University with a degree in Dietetics and currently works as a registered and licensed dietitian with both bariatric surgery and oncology patients at two hospitals in the Philadelphia area. Megan resides in Norristown with her husband and spoiled chihuahua, Duchess. She has much gratitude for the opportunities that yoga has brought into her life – especially being able to teach something she loves!

Kerri HeckertKerri Heckert

Kerri is known by most as having a “what’s the best that can happen” attitude towards life, and her desire to inspire has been the driving force in her career. She transitioned from a marketing position post-college into the nutrition field and got certified as a personal trainer to help satisfy her need to help others experience that exercise “high.” To date, she’s helped more than 100 clients achieve variety of goals and find a way to make fitness a part of their lives. While Kerri’s background is athletic, and her workouts are intense, she deeply values the importance of mindfulness, gratitude and positive thinking, which is what lead her to yoga. Yoga is more than just working hard and waking up sore. The true challenge is finding a balance between effort and ease both on the mat and in life. Kerri is a Certified Health Fitness Specialist, an advanced personal training credential through the American College of Sports Medicine, and she completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training through Yogaworks. She got her BS in Advertising and PR at the University of Delaware and her MS in Nutrition at Drexel University. By day, she is a Registered Dietitian at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where she works with children and adolescents battling eating disorders. She lives with her husband and two rescued kitties in their new home in Plymouth Meeting. She has a soft spot for anything fuzzy, lives for long beach days and packs her schedule as tight as humanly possible with friends and family.

Becky d'OnofrioBecky Nunez

Yoga came into my life shortly after a giant leap of faith. Less than 2 months before my first class, I left my steady, full time job and took a position as a full time nanny to allow me the opportunity to soon go back to school. After some chatting and a lot of questions with a friend, I took my first power yoga class at Sol Yoga Studio. I had hopes of finding a physical activity that would not only have me motivated to keep coming back, but would also be an outlet for stress and potentially help with sleep! I left that first class knowing I’d be returning the following week but had no idea at that point that I’d found my new passion in life. Over the next month or so, it became my main form of exercise. The combination of the physical and mental benefits had far surpassed my expectations, and I had found a wonderful community of people that would soon become a family to me. I started my certification at Power Yoga Works in spring 2013 and am working towards my 200hr RYT, and am currently pursuing my education to become a certified Health Coach including a certification in Holistic Nutrition. Being involved with such a positive, supportive community doing something that I love and believe in so strongly has improved my quality of life in more ways than I could express. For the first time in my life, I’ve found the confidence to dream big and chase those dreams. As an instructor, I am excited to share the gift of yoga and all it has to offer with anyone willing to give it a try!

Alexis StrizziereAlexis Feldman

Waking up this morning, I smile. Twenty-four brand new hours are before me. I vow to live fully in each moment and to look at all beings with eyes of compassion.” –Thich Nhat Hanh From the time I was born I knew I wanted to teach. I wasn’t sure what or when it would happen, but deep in my soul I knew where ever I ended up in life teaching would be part of it. Sports have always been a part of my life. I starting playing volleyball in grade school and ended up as the captain of my college women’s volleyball team at Cabrini College. Having used cross-country and track teams to stay fit during the off-season I decided once school was over to keep the momentum going through my 20’s and now 30’s running half-marathons across the country and hopefully one day around the world. With any training come injuries like pulled hamstrings which landed me in Angela Travaglini’s class at Sol Yoga Studio. It took Angela a long time to convince me to try power yoga, something I now know I can not thank her enough for. It was from that moment that I knew yoga was going to be something very special in my life. I felt more alive after 75 minutes of yoga then I had in 30 years. I have learned about life, love and most importantly myself over the last two years which led me to realize this was the calling I was waiting for. This was my opportunity to teach. Every time I step on my mat I learn something new about my practice, the movements that make up the practice of power yoga and most importantly who I am. I hope to share my love of yoga with each of you! Namaste. When not on the mat I love to travel, spend time with family and friends and catch some sun on my face! I currently reside in Bridgeport with my husband and our small farm of rescue pets.

Michelle KosvitchMichelle Kosvitch

Michelle discovered the athlete in herself in her early twenties. She took just about every fitness class and became an avid runner. During this time, she also discovered yoga and loved the physically challenging workout it provided. Michelle’s passion for health and fitness continued as she got married and had her two amazing daughters. The girls were still in strollers as Michelle taught fitness classes to other moms with their kids in tow believing in the importance to set the example. This time was exciting and very busy but something was still missing. At this point, Michelle made a commitment to her yoga practice and never looked back. While still enjoying the physical challenges that yoga provides, Michelle realized it was a gateway to so much more. She discovered meditation. Michelle’s yoga and meditation practices have infused into every aspect of her life. She is honored and blessed to be able to share this amazing gift with her students. Michelle holds a Bachelors degree in Health Science from West Chester University. She is a 2011 graduate of the Verge Yoga Center Teacher Training Program. She has experience working with individuals, groups, student athletes and children. When she’s not on her mat, Michelle enjoys spending time with friends and family. She currently resides in Plymouth Meeting with her husband Phil, and daughters, Sophia and Caelin.

Eric MamuzichEric Mamuzich

Eric broke into yoga through a 30 day challenge. Loving a good challenge, he accepted. Since that day, yoga transformed his physical body and he started to notice more positivity in every aspect of his life. Practicing yoga for over 5 years, he decided to complete his 200 hour certification with Hotbox Yoga in 2011. Expansion comes when we are ready to receive and yoga makes us ready for life now. As much as he loves teaching yoga, his passion really lies in AcroYoga. It has intimately taught him so many things about the body and connecting with other people with this beautiful blended practice of acrobatics and yoga. He even applies some thai massage techniques into it. Eric is looking forward to continuing on this amazing yoga journey.

Kate BeererKate Beerer

Kate was first introduced to yoga by her mom when she was in high school. Ever since, it has had a special place in her life. She continued practicing throughout college and decided to start her first yoga teacher trainings in Hatha yoga in 2008, with the American Aerobic Association International. Several years later, Kate attended her first heated power yoga class. She was hooked with this new, more vigorous and physically stimulating version of yoga. Shortly after discovering power yoga, Kate started her 200 hour teacher training through Power Yoga Works in Philadelphia in the spring of 2013. In addition to teaching yoga, Kate is also an art teacher at the Spring-Ford School District and enjoys sneaking in yoga and breathing exercises to her students during art class whenever she gets the chance! Her other passions include running, cooking, spending time with friends and family, and being in nature. Originally from Bucks County, she now resides in Conshohocken. Kate appreciates all of the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga and hopes to share her joy with her students both young and mature, beginners and experts!

Sol Yoga Studio Conshohocken Instructor Sarah CostanzaSarah Costanza

Sarah Costanza has been practicing yoga in the Philadelphia area for over 12 years. She has studied different styles of yoga such as Hatha, Iyengar, Restorative, Ashtanga, and Inversional Core Vinyasa. She completed her 200-hour teacher training at Dhyana Yoga in Philadelphia, studying asana, pranayama (breath control), Ayurvedic practices and anatomy. She has studied with teachers Ed Mattioni, Stuart Weinstein, John and Diana Vitarelli, and Alex Holmes. Her style of teaching is vigorous and foundational; strongly believing that the evolution of the body and building postures from the foundation up is more as important, if not more important, than the end result. Students can expect strong anatomical and muscular development, lots of core and bandha work, and explanations as to why we do the things we do in yoga, exploring both intellectual and visceral understanding of the body. Her teaching emphasizes how to use the breath, not only to open the body, but also to calm that mind, encouraging conscientious control of the body without the need for extraneous movement.

Sarah MurphySarah Murphy

Sarah vowed back in 1981, when she was 12 years old, that some day she’d take up yoga. Twenty years later she made her way to her first yoga class and was instantly hooked. Captivated by yoga’s structure and creativity, strength and softness, and its ability to quiet the mind, she began teacher training within her first year on the mat. She studied yoga assists with Bill Raup at Power Yoga Works, eventually earning her RYT-200. She also completed teacher trainings with Beryl Bender Birch and Baron Baptiste and began teaching in 2003. Sarah remains true to her roots, teaching classes in the power vinyasa flow tradition. In addition to her passion for yoga asana, Sarah has a deep appreciation for the wisdom of Eastern thought, which influences her approach to her life as well as to her work as a therapist. Sarah has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, is a Certified Hypnotherapist, and is a Reiki Master. Sarah is blessed to share this journey with three awesome sons.

Kori WunderKori Wunder

To teach, is to learn twice.” – Joseph Joubert

From the first time she stepped onto her yoga mat, in a fateful five dollar coffee shop class, Kori knew that one day she would be teaching and sharing this practice with others. She was instantly hooked on the overall well-being that yoga can provide. This practice was the doorway to bringing all good things back into the forefront of her life and provided a conduit for unnecessary anxieties to find their way out. For years, she had been leading a mindlessly, unhealthy lifestyle. Yoga slowly opened the doors to that healthy lifestyle.

Fast forward a few years and add in getting laid off, getting married and joining a roller derby team, yoga had slowly taken the back seat. But while visiting a friend, she decided to give yoga another shot and took her very first hot power yoga class. That euphoric class changed her life. She immediately started looking for a teacher training program that would work with her busy schedule. She came across Power Yoga Works 200 hr RYT training. She took a huge leap and registered for the training. This journey has been one of the most rewarding leaps of faith. She began teaching at the local YMCA and completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training in July 2014.

All areas of fitness are her passion… from lifting, yoga, obstacle course races, and CrossFit. Yoga has brought so much joy into her life, she could not imagine life without it. It’s put her on a path that feels right, and she absolutely loves sharing this passion with others.

When she is not teaching or practicing, you can find her making yoga jewelry, blogging about food, working out or just relaxing with her husband, CB and their boxer Rufus!

jackie Leck

Jackie Leck

Jackie discovered yoga at her local gym on Thanksgiving Day 2007, thinking she would try something new to burn extra calories before the big feast. What she found was something so much more – an athletic workout with a beautiful message that left her feeling calm and inspired. Jackie began practicing regularly; developing a passion for yoga and the strength it gave her. She also began to develop the desire to incorporate yoga into her teaching.

Being an elementary school teacher of students with special needs, Jackie saw how anxiety negatively impacted her students’ performance in the classroom. She began using a variety of breathing techniques to calm her students before testing and noticed the positive effects immediately. From there, she incorporated yoga activities into her daily classroom routine to improve students’ attention and focus. She recently started a yoga club at her school to help children grow confidence, reduce stress and discover mindfulness and gratitude. Jackie received her child yoga training from Child Light Yoga in July 2014. She is excited to have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of others through another vehicle. When Jackie is not teaching and practicing yoga, she is spending time with her two-year-old daughter and her husband.

Jackie Applegate

Jackie Applegate

On a whim, after moving to Philly in 2011, Jackie attended a free power yoga class being offered at a new studio in her neighborhood. It was love at first savasana and she hasn’t left her mat since.

A lifelong athlete and avid runner, she discovered yoga as a way to build strength and stretch without having to go to a traditional gym. A cheerleader and gymnast in her youth, she has also found yoga as a way to reconnect with her childhood through playful poses.

Jackie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Clarion University. Having worked previously for a mental health agency and now a healthcare technology company, she feels strongly about the healthy impact yoga can have on the mind and body.

Jackie completed her teacher training at Power Yoga Works in February 2012. Her greatest yoga accomplishment has been introducing yoga to friends who have gone on to become avid practitioners. She is so grateful to share this life changing practice with others!

Off the mat, Jackie loves traveling and being outdoors. She ran her third marathon in 2013. She is an animal rescue advocate (her dog Lucy was adopted in 2012) and believes most things can be cured with yoga and a puppy. Originally from western Pennsylvania, Jackie currently lives in Manayunk.