How many times a week should I practice? I hear this question a lot. And it is a good one.

…here’s the deal

If you’re not practicing at all and if you don’t have a consistent yoga practice already. Or if you have never done yoga, and you are just starting out… I would highly recommend committing to once a week.  

The key is consistency. 

If you are not practicing at all right now, once a week will make a big difference.  

That is how I started over twenty years ago, so I know it works. Monday night was my yoga night. Period. It set the tone for my entire week and it was amazing! I scheduled everything around that one yoga class, which made a huge difference.  

Once you get into a habit and pattern of consistently practicing once a week, then you are going to feel good, sleep better, your posture is going to feel good, you’re going to feel a sense of peace and calm. 

Then maybe you think about adding a second day.  

Two or three days a week is ideal, and obviously the more you practice, the better you feel! 

You will find that being consistent with your practice will make an incredible difference.  

Again, the KEY is CONSISTENCY!