The world quickly changed in the last few weeks, creating a new normal for all of us. Sol Yoga Studio is offering LIVE + on demand yoga classes for you to practice with us from home. With so much uncertainty, returning to your mat is important now more than ever.

Here’s how to setup your at home yoga practice.

What do I need to practice yoga at home? A yoga mat! That’s really it! If you have blocks, awesome. You can also add straps and bolsters to your practice, but truly all you need is a mat, sweat towel and water near by.
Where should I setup my yoga mat? You’ll definitely want privacy. As we begin each class at Sol Yoga Studio with a few grounding breaths, find a space where you can relax. This doesn’t mean you have to rearrange your entire house. You can rollout your mat in your living room, spare bedroom, home office, basement or even outside if the sun is shining! If you are interesting in kick ups during your practice, we suggest setting up near a wall. You can place your yoga mat on carpet or hard wood floors. Above all, find a location in your home where you can focus.
What is a LIVE class? Our live classes are held via Zoom. An instructor is leading you through the practice virtually. How cool! Here’s how to join our live classes:
1. Download Zoom (free app) on your mobile or desktop device.
2. Register for Online LIVE yoga via MindBody.
3. Once you register, you’ll receive an email confirmation with the zoom link to join.
4. Practice with us from your home! ???
We offer classes live classes daily at Sol Yoga Studio. Check MindBody to see the most up to date calendar.
What is Sol to Go? Sol to Go is our online yoga studio with pre-recorded yoga classes. You can practice yoga with us anytime, anywhere! If you can’t join us for a live class, this is a great option to still practice yoga on your own schedule. You’ll see many familiar faces from Sol Yoga Studio, as most of our instructors have classes on this page. We offer many styles of practice (power yoga, core blast, restorative, etc) and the classes range from 10 to 60 minutes. Visit Solyogastudio.com and click “Sol to Go” in the navigation bar. Our membership for Sol to Go is only $5/day or $19/month for access to unlimited yoga! Your first 5 days are FREE to checkout the many class offerings.
Bonus: You’re practicing at home, therefore you can play your own music, use oils if you prefer AND try some new poses! Arm balances and inversions are awesome to try at home (preferably on carpet!).
Our virtual class options are a great way to stay connected as a community. Include your kids, spouse, pets, etc! When we’re out of routine, it’s completely normal to feel sluggish, tight and overwhelmed. Join the online yoga community at Sol Yoga Studio to release your stress and feel amazing once you complete your practice!