Sometimes we find ourselves with people or in places we can’t adapt to. No matter how hard we try or how much we want it to, it doesn’t fit. Doesn’t feel right. We are trying to shove the square peg, into the round hole. Only what we are trying to jam isn’t a block of wood, it’s us.

Sometimes in situations like these we revert to old ways of thinking, feeling and believing. There must be something wrong with this if I don’t like this or it isn’t working. If I try harder, jam a little further, this square peg – me – will fit.

Those are the times we begin to feel weak, scattered, frightened and uncertain. We abandon ourselves. Our emotions disappear. Our passion wanes. We may begin sleeping, escaping, drifting further and further away. Our soul begins squirming from reaction of what we are trying to force ourselves to do. We may become physically ill. It’s like we become allergic to our surroundings. Sometimes we spend years in the process, depending on what it is we are afraid to face. Other times it may only last hours or days.

We can take as much time as needed to listen to and take care of ourselves. But if we love ourselves, we don’t torture ourselves for long because we know we don’t have to. If a person or situation doesn’t work for us, it’s ok. We don’t have to punish ourselves. We don’t have to lose ourselves. We can leave the situation.

Trust yourself, your mind, body and soul to know what is right for you. Learn to feel the energy of a person, place or situation. If it feels right, you feel harmony mentally, physically, and emotionally. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t abandon yourself. Leave the situation. Try something else until it does feel right.

You may not always know right away if a person, place or situation is wrong for you. But if you listen to you body and trust your heart, you can learn to tell when it is right.

– Melodie Beattie