Handstand Workshop at Sol Yoga Studio in Conshohocken, Plymouth MeetingDo you know you probably already have the strength for handstand? Are you confident that your on the right track to sticking a handstand with ease? Do you want to kick up, press up, or float up to handstand anywhere? There are hundreds of techniques that could make your handstand more efficient.

Eric trained at the San Diego Circus School with Cirque De Soleil coaches and he is thrilled to unvail some tricks he picked up with you. Handstand is a Boss, it illuminates your balance and total body alignment. If you correct your form in handstand, proper posture will start to show up in ALL other poses!

We will work together, sometimes in twos or threes, to properly develop your handstand. You will learn about finger strength, proper grip, hollow body, shoulder extension, bone stacking, alignment, and how to continue to train properly and effectively on your own. Sign up here to reserve your space at Sol Yoga Studio!

November, 23
12:00 – 2:00 pm