How to Handstand HopHandstand hops are fun and handstand hopping at home is even more fun! The past couple of weeks we have all been home, working out and doing our thing. I have been teaching virtually which I actually have grown to love in this new normal. I’ve been teaching yoga for almost 20 years and man how things have evolved! Expect the unexpected to say the least.

In teaching virtually, you kind of have to be mindful on what you teach because it is a whole new experience for everyone. It is almost like you have to teach in a generic space as new challenges arise. You may have beginners joining or people not showing their screens so you cannot really see what they are doing during practice.

As the weeks went on, I began to introduce the handstand hop from home. I figured why not? What better place to try something intimidating than in the comfort of your own home! I am so glad I did! I gave cues on how to set it up with my personal checklist and why handstand hopping can be really fun & beneficial.

Since then, I have received many texts and emails from people that were always nervous to try the hop in the studio. They have been giving them a try in their home practice and loving it! Some said it was their first time ever trying! How cool is that?? Some said it was so much fun! Most said they felt super comfortable with the way I broke it down.

I feel that everyone can do some version of a handstand hop. It doesn’t have to be a big hop to be a handstand. And remember, 99% of the hop is fear. And as we know, fear holds us back from so much.

Here are some of the many benefits of bringing the hop into your at home practice:
Increases the heart rate
Reverses the blood flow
Encourages positive energy & smiling
Builds confidence & strength

Here is my personal checklist that I run through every time I plant my hands and am preparing for take off.
(You can view a quick video here)
Palms flat with fingers spread really wide.The hands are the base so the more coverage, the better,

Place your wrists underneath shoulders or even a little further apart. Think plank pose.

Bring your shoulders forward so they are almost in front of your wrists.

Gaze is forward. Look between your palms or at the top of your mat.

Resist the urge to bend the elbows. Think about pressing into the palms to press the floor away.

Flex the toes on the lifted leg and press the heel back as if you were standing on the back wall.

Think about kicking your base foot to your hip.

Don’t worry about getting your legs together and straight. Feel the balance on your palms as you play.

Don’t take it so seriously as I feel it should be fun!

Keep me posted on how you make out! We call it yoga practice, not yoga perfect. It is a journey that will unfold. Keep playing  with the hops a little every day and I promise it will only get stronger and more fun. You’ll see!

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