One of the questions I get a lot when someone wants to try one of our power yoga classes at Sol Yoga Studio is, “What do I need to bring for the first class?” Another question is, “What should I wear?”

The answer is, “Just yourself, a towel to wipe the sweat and a bottle of water!” At Sol Yoga Studio, we have all of the stuff you need to try a power yoga class. You don’t need to go out to buy a mat or an anti-slip towel before coming to class.

Come try a class, and if you like it and want to continue with it, then go out and buy a mat, anti-slip towel, etc.

Other than yourself, you want to make sure you bring a bottle of water. You will be sweating a lot during class and want to stay hydrated. More importantly, make sure you drink a lot of water throughout the day before coming to class.

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What We Have at the Studio

Mats – We have mats at the studio to rent for $1

Towel – If you forgot a towel to wipe yourself off (you will be sweating in our power yoga classes), we also have them at the studio to rent for $1.

Water – If you forget to bring water, you can buy a bottle of water for $1.

Of course, if you have your own mat, bring it to class!

What to Wear

In terms of what you should wear to a power yoga class, you can wear what you usually wear to work out.   However, I would recommend not wearing something too loose.

One of the poses we are in a lot during power yoga is downward facing dog. In this pose, your body is inverted into a V shape, with your hands and feet on the floor, and your hips pointing upward into the air.

When you wear a loose shirt or T-shirt, you can be swallowed up by your shirt while in this pose. You don’t want to be constantly fixing your shirt or pulling your shirt down during the pose. You want to get the full benefit of the pose. So I would suggest wearing something a little form fitting, but it doesn’t have to be too tight.

We practice barefooted, so no special shoes are necessary.

If you have more questions about our power yoga classes, feel free to contact us at info@solyogastudio.com.