Kids Yoga Party in Conshohocken PA Children & Yoga

From time to time, we’re blessed with the opportunity to teach yoga to the children. And each time their excitement and enthusiasm to try something new never ceases to amaze, especially at one child’s recent yoga birthday class. Its hard not to smile when you hear all the little voices calling out, “Look at my tree!” and “Look how awesome my dancer is!” The kids couldn’t wait to try out each new pose and share with their friends what they could do.

Fast forward to the adult classes, where the scene looks much different. Focused adults frown in frustration when they fall out of balance and get mad at themselves when they can’t hit tricky inversions. What happened here? Somehow, we went from wide-eyed children excited to try and learn anything, to treating our practice like a competition. We don’t have to keep holding onto all these feelings though, it’s not too late to change our ways.

As Valentine’s Day gets closer, take this time to open your heart and embrace your practice with a fresh perspective. Cut yourself some slack the next time you can’t hold crow pose! Laugh it off if you keep falling out of eagle pose or can only lift your arms so high. Remember, yoga isn’t about perfect poses or who can do dancer better, it’s all about your journey, and the lessons and skills you learn along the way. Be kind to others and  be kind to yourself. Don’t hold onto negativity. Let it go and embrace where you are on your journey.