There are many different styles of yoga, and the style of yoga we practice at Sol Yoga Studio is power yoga. At the studio, the room is heated to 85-90 degrees. Because of this, one question I often get is, “What is the difference between power yoga and hot yoga?” On the flip side, I also get this question, “Is power yoga the same as hot yoga?”

The answer is, power yoga and hot yoga are very different from each other. I will briefly describe the differences below.

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Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is mostly associated with Bikram yoga, and it is practiced in a room heated to 104 degrees with a humidity of 40%. Bikram yoga also consists of the same series of 26 postures or poses. Therefore, you practice the same series of 26 poses every time.

There are some other yoga styles that are associated with hot yoga, but again, hot yoga is mostly associated with Bikram.

Power Yoga

Power yoga focuses on strength, hence the word “power.” Power yoga is more vigorous than traditional yoga. It moves a bit more quickly than traditional yoga. It is also great for strength training. Our classes incorporate a lot of Vinyasas, and your arms will feel the burn from the many Chaturangas we do in class.

Depending on the studio and instructor, power yoga can be done in a heated room or non-heated room.

At Sol, we have the rooms heated; however, they are not heated to 104 degrees. The rooms are heated between 85-90 degrees. The benefit of having a heated room is that it loosens your muscles.  The heat is our friend. After all, the warmer your muscles are, the further you can stretch and rinse out the toxins.

It is not necessary to have a heated room to do power yoga. It can be done when the room is at regular room temperature. But again, at Sol, we heat up the rooms to help our yogis be a bit looser.

If you have more questions about power yoga, please don’t hesitate to call us or leave us a comment below. Namaste!

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