Rave Review of Sol Yoga Studio in Conshohocken PA

“I’ve been an on and off yogi for the past few years, struggling to find a studio with classes and instructors that kept me challenged and inspired me to grow. I love the physical-ness of yoga, as well as the effect it has on my chronically high stress level, but have trouble sitting in a class and meditating for an hour. I took my first class at Sol in September 2011 and, from the very first vinyasa, knew that I had found my studio. I have a rod in my back from a childhood surgery and had convinced myself that the stiffness, back pain, and muscle tension that I have felt since the surgery were simply a part of my life that I had to deal with. Sol’s style of yoga, however, showed me that that simply was not true. After doing yoga 3-5 times per week, I saw such an improvement in myself, not only with respect to the stiffness and pain, but also in my strength, my spirit, and my outlook. Sol’s instructors showed me that I could hold that pose longer than I had thought and that I could do that pose that I had told myself was impossible. My fiance and I have since moved to Pittsburgh, and I have not been able to find a studio that compares, or in any way comes close, to Sol. I can’t wait to come back to the Philadelphia area to drop into a class!”

~Lauren Grous, 2013-07-28