Review of Sol Yoga Studio – Blue Bell, Plymouth Meeting

I am completely hooked on yoga now! I love all of the classes I have taken with the few instructors I have had, and I can’t wait to try out every one! As someone who calls myself a runner, I am changing my views to a yogi who loves to run too! At Sol I have found out more about myself through yoga than anything else I have ever tried!

Rave Review of Sol Yoga Studio in Plymouth Meeting, PA

I had always struggled with weight loss and although I loved working out, I just wasn’t seeing the results I wanted with a regular gym routine. When I first started taking Angela’s class, I was a bit nervous. The best thing about yoga is you go at your own pace while still challenging yourself. After taking class once a week for a month, I already was looking better and more importantly, feeling better! Yoga is a great workout that also helps me clear my mind, which is something I never expected it to do for me.

Client Testimonial of Sol Yoga Studio in Plymouth Meeting, PA

Yoga has become the foundation of my life. It has enabled me to breathe through difficulties, savor the exciting moments, see beauty in the ordinary and bring awareness to peace and tranquility. It is the perfect balance in my runner’s life and has taught me that I don’t always have to be moving forward to bear endurance. Each practice brings a new found learning that I have been able to apply to my everyday life. It has enabled me to meet and build friendships with some of the most incredible people. Yoga is a truly welcomed gift for anyone.

Review of Sol Yoga Studio|Plymouth Meeting, PA

Angela got me into yoga a while back and I haven’t done it in a few years since I had my son. I went back to taking Ang’s yoga class after years of being stiff and afraid of being surrounded by advanced yogis. When I returned, I realized how much I missed that amazing infectious yoga feeling. Level and experience doesn’t matter. Even for the times I can’t fully hit a certain pose, just trying and sweating out the toxins makes it worth it. Ang tweaks her instruction style to accommodate new people, as well as the advanced so everyone is comfortable.

Angela’s classes are slightly different than many yoga classes I’ve taken. It’s a strong, powerful, unbelieveable workout with a splash of zen. It’s just enough to relax your mind and focus on the workout. Overall, the best way I can put it is that usually I am mad at her during the practice and then loving her on my ride home.

Client Review of Sol Yoga Studio, Plymouth Meeting, PA

Initially, I wanted to start doing yoga because I was simply bored at the gym. I start by telling everyone that I have been an athlete my whole life. After practicing yoga for only a year and a half, I am in the best shape that I have ever been in! I used to run and lift weights every few days to train for the upcoming sport season. I grew to dislike lifting weights because I felt that my muscles were becoming too bulky and the routine just became monotonous.

Ang introduced me to yoga and I FELL IN LOVE. After attending just one class, I became addicted! I became intrigued to practice more because of how wonderful and fulfilling my experiences became. As a whole, my body and mind feel more open and relaxed. My body became aware of how it utilizes strength and flexibility. I am learning new things about myself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It brings awareness to your body to help control your breathing and posture. I have learned to let go of things that I can’t control, keep a positive attitude and stay in the present moment.

Client Review of Sol Yoga Studio in Plymouth Meeting, PA By LC

I am amazed at how quickly I became attached to yoga. From the very first class, I immediately felt a confidence in myself that I have never felt before while working out. Coming from someone who has always disliked most types of exercise, that is saying a lot! I am excited to go, peacefully challenged while there, and open-minded when I leave. I have just recently begun taking yoga classes and already feel myself getting stronger physically and mentally. Yoga is my new obsession.