“Ugh, I hate that pose!” Ever have that reaction when you hear your yoga instructor cue a pose? I know I’ve been there, eh em, chair pose, and I know the yogis in our Conshohocken yoga studio have been there too. You think to yourself, maybe you should take a child’s pose. Maybe this will be a good time to get a sip of water and wipe off the sweat. Maybe you take a bathroom break or even fix your pony tail. Any excuse not to do the pose.

I know it’s sometimes easier to avoid the pose you hate, but here are some tips to help you while you are in the pose. In time, you may even like the pose. And remember, it is often the poses we hate that we need the most.

Learn About the Pose

Ask the instructor about the pose after class to learn more about it. Ask why the pose is good for our bodies. Knowing the benefits of the pose may allow you to be more open minded about it. Maybe ask how to break down the pose and have the instructor show you how to do it. All of this may help you be more open minded about the pose.


Often, we tense up when we have to get into a pose we don’t like. Try to relax and just breathe. Be cognizant of where you are tense and send your breath there. When you get in the pose, don’t push yourself too hard. When trying to get deeper in the pose, make little adjustments and not big ones. Over time, you will find yourself getting more comfortable with the pose.

Use Blocks

Blocks are great tools to use during yoga. It is not a sign of weakness. We may sometimes hate the pose because we are super uncomfortable because we can’t breathe or feel we have no room to move. Blocks work wonders at times like this. They help create more space in our bodies which leads to more space in our mind and help you feel more comfortable.

Over time, you may find that you actually are starting to like the pose you once hated. Remember though, it is not going to happen overnight. Yoga takes time. It is called yoga practice, not yoga perfect. Namaste.

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