Sol Yoga Studio in Conshohocken, PA, best reviewsSo people, including the yogis at my Conshohocken yoga studio, often ask, “What is the best yoga mat for power yoga?” or “What type of yoga mat should I purchase for a power yoga practice?”

I first like to say congrats, on making such an awesome purchase. Think about it, your yoga mat is your own little space to practice. Your space away from distraction and to do lists! Your body and sweat are received by this mat. It is your magic carpet ride for this amazing yoga journey. So you better pick a good one!

A nice yoga mat will cost anywhere between $65-$80, depending on what you decide to go with. Most of the time people are surprised by that price but I’d like to remind us all that when we need to go purchase a $100 pair of Nikes for the 5K we are training for, we don’t bat an eye. But for some reason $75 for a yoga mat seems high. But there is a price to pay for commitment right? If you are making the purchase, you are committing to your practice and that in and of itself, is priceless!

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A good quality yoga mat will last a while. I usually like to get a new one every 2 years. The more you practice, the more it gets worn. But again, it is really the only big purchase you have to make when practicing power yoga.

Back in 1998, I started my practice with a Jade mat. Holy crap! Almost TWENTY years ago! Anyway, I actually had three Jade mats in a row and then decided to switch it up to Manduka. I liked the Manduka but still needed to use a YogiToes towel, of which I had several. I always wanted to make sure one was washed and cleaned for practice. Then about 3 years ago, I discovered the Lululemon mat! Two words: GAME CHANGER! I will never go back. Honestly. Lulu mats are AMAZING. They absorb the sweat and prevent slippage. I haven’t used a YogiToes towel since and I LOVE it.

So go treat yourself to a Lululemon mat! If you can, make the purchase at the King of Prussia store in PA as they love us at Sol Yoga! I do recommend getting a dark colored one as the lighter ones tend to show scuff marks more. I have a black one and I love it. It is my second one and it is my mat of choice for life!