I’ve been in this industry for over 20 years. I knew when the pandemic hit in March 2020, it was going to forever change the fitness industry. And I was right! With 4 in-person teacher trainings under my belt, I was ready for the challenge. I had always dreamed of leading a yoga teacher training online. Well thank you universe for pushing that to the top of the to do list for me.

As we navigate, here are some of the MANY benefits of doing YTT online:

    You can log on from anywhere! We’ve had previous trainees dial in from the beach, vacation, long car rides, you name it! How far we’ve come! So cool!
    If you can’t make a session, no worries! Each session is recorded to view later if needed. You can get all caught up on your own time!
    With a consistent live meeting schedule, we really get to know each other as the weeks go on! It’s our sacred place to come to and share. We start each session by sharing and it’s awesome!
    Meeting twice a week for 9 weeks to put in the work really helps in practicing, connecting & nailing down the sequence in a timely mater. Consistency is what makes us better and stronger. Period.
    This virtual world is helping us get comfortable in front of the camera and learn. Like anything else, anything new can feel intimidating. But the more we practice, the better we feel. This will only help our garden of opportunity grow, especially when it comes to marketing ourselves for yoga gigs.
    We’re saving the earth by meeting online! How? Think of the paper being saved by emailing all documents, instead of having a binder full of handouts. We’re also saving gas which is better for our environment by eliminating travel, whether it be by planes, trains and/or automobiles.
    Eliminating the travel of getting to and from somewhere adds more time to your day. And we all can use more of that, right?

I honestly have loved the transition. We either roll with it or resist it, right? Every time a trainee leads their first 45 min class as part of graduation, I smile because whether training is in person or online, the results are the same at Sol. We teach people how to teach a kick ass yoga class! The results are evident! And we couldn’t be happier!