Becky (d'Onofrio) Nunez, yoga instructor @ Sol Yoga, Conshohocken, PA

Becky Nunez, yoga instructor @ Sol Yoga

About Becky Nunez

Yoga came into my life shortly after a giant leap of faith. Less than 2 months before my first class, I left my steady, full time job and took a position as a full time nanny to allow me the opportunity to soon go back to school.

After some chatting and a lot of questions with a friend, I took my first power yoga class at Sol Yoga Studio. I had hopes of finding a physical activity that would not only have me motivated to keep coming back, but would also be an outlet for stress and potentially help with sleep! I left that first class knowing I’d be returning the following week but had no idea at that point that I’d found my new passion in life.

Over the next month or so, it became my main form of exercise. The combination of the physical and mental benefits had far surpassed my expectations, and I had found a wonderful community of people that would soon become a family to me.

I started my certification at Power Yoga Works in spring 2013 and am working towards my 200hr RYT, and am currently pursuing my education to become a certified Health Coach including a certification in Holistic Nutrition. Being involved with such a positive, supportive community doing something that I love and believe in so strongly has improved my quality of life in more ways than I could express. For the first time in my life, I’ve found the confidence to dream big and chase those dreams. As an instructor, I am excited to share the gift of yoga and all it has to offer with anyone willing to give it a try!