Advancing Your Practice

We often think an advanced yogi is someone whose poses mirror the photos featured in Yoga Journal, or someone who can effortlessly float into fancy inversions. Thinking this way can lead us in the wrong direction and sometimes even to injury. While we are all born with a relatively similar anatomical structure, we each have unique structural variations. Over time, those structures develop a variety of functional or postural variations due to poor posture, dysfunctional movement patterns and repetitive movements. These things all effect how we find the optimal version of each pose for our unique body.

Join Kristin as we learn about advancing our practice as we slow down, pay attention, and stop forcing our bodies into the shapes shown in yoga magazines. Learn the key actions and risk factors for each pose and how to use that knowledge to inform your practice. We will break down the following poses: the vinyasa (including plank), chair pose, crescent lunge, warrior 1 and 2, and more. We can always improve upon our practice, but to do so we need to learn what is optimal for our own bodies.

This workshop will be limited to 15 people to allow for individual attention. All levels are welcome. Reserve your space here.

Saturday, May 16th
11:30 – 1:30pm