Abby , Instructor @ Sol Yoga Studio in Conshohocken

Abby Allman, Instructor @ Sol Yoga Studio in Conshohocken

About Abby Allman

Abby began taking yoga in 2011 looking for something different to do. Yoga quickly became her go to workout option, and that is all it was at first. Classes gave her more understanding of the practice of yoga, of breathing, being present, letting go. Soon yoga became a necessity, like a missed meal, days almost felt incomplete without making time for her practice.

So, in 2014 she set an intention to let yoga work. Practice as often as possible, making time in the most hectic of days to give 60-75 minutes just for herself. Through the commitment she realized her love of yoga was something she wanted to share with others and decided to take the next logical step.

Abby completed her 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher Training at Dana Hot Yoga in June of 2015 and has loved teaching every since!

She looks forward to sharing her practice with you!

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