What started out as a 30 day cleanse, has turned into a new lifestyle that the hubs and I are loving!

A few things happened in the beginning of 2021. I’ll spare you the details because it doesn’t matter. What matters is the sequence of events encouraged the whisper inside to get louder. “It’s time” was all I heard. Thank you spirit guides.

March 28, 2021 we decided we were breaking up with alcohol.

I thought after 30 days I’d be running out to get my wine. To my surprise, that was not the case. 2 weeks in I felt SO good and knew I wasn’t turning back!

At first, I did thorough research. I became passionate about understanding how alcohol impacts the body. Serious question:  how come no one talks about it? Mind blown!

I’m not here to harp on any of that. You can do your own research. I’m just here to share that you can make a change at any point in your life to steer you in another direction. It all starts with mindset. What you tell yourself will be true.

I contemplated this lifestyle change for two years before I finally took the leap. Like many breakups, there are pros & cons.

Here’s what I’ve GAINED from this one:

Less anxiety
More mental clarity
Higher energy levels
Weight loss
Skin is hydrated & feels great
Sleeping like a rock
Better overall health

My question to you: is there a relationship you need to remove yourself from? Or an environment that no longer serves you? If so, you are not alone. Please reach out to me if this resonates with you & you want to chat more privately. I am here for you.

I’ve been surrounded by alcohol my whole life, even though my parents didn’t drink. I knew what life was like with it. But I was curious what it would be like without it.

I gotta say…
It’s SO much better on the other side. 🙏

Grateful for you,
P.S. I celebrated one year by being a guest on a podcast. So fun! Here’s the link if you want to listen: PODCAST LINK: We’ve Got Sol