We’ve already told you the importance of mixing yoga into your running routine. Now, we are sharing the 5 best yoga poses for runners to practice! Whether you are working towards a 5K or are training for the Philly Marathon, you may have grown accustomed to tightness in your hips and hamstrings. Sol Yoga is here to give you a quick guide on seeking lower body relief!

Fire Hydrant
This pose requires no expertise, making it the No. 1 stretch for any runner.

Yoga for Runners

Fire Hydrant

Get into your Downward Facing Dog. Lift one leg straight up and curl the knee. Rotate your hip, bringing your heel towards your opposite shoulder. Do you feel that hip opening? Continue breathing and repeat on the other side.

This pose stretches your entire side. Use a block to help you ease into the move.

Yoga for runners

Triangle Pose

Set up like you are going into Warrior by stepping your right foot forward and your left foot behind at an angle perpendicular to your right foot. Reach your right hand down on the outside of your right ankle, and with your breath, reach your left hand towards the sky stacking your shoulders over each other. Everything should be opening up here! Switch feet and work the other side.

This pose stretches the hips, glutes and low back.

Yoga for runners

Pigeon Pose

From Downward Facing Dog, step your right leg forward in between your hands. Slide your foot to the left and bring your knee to the mat. Your left leg will be on the ground straight behind you. You can keep yourself propped up on your hands in front of your right shin, or, for a deeper stretch, extend your arms out, placing your palms and forehead on the ground. Don’t forget to work the other side!

This pose is great for your groin and hips!

Yoga for runners

Lizard Pose

Come into high plank and step your right leg forward, swinging it up and to the outside of your right hand. If you are super tight here, drop your left knee to the mat. If you would like to take this deeper, go down onto your forearms but be sure to keep the knee stacked over the ankle. Keep breathing throughout the move and repeat on other side!

Hero’s Pose
Lastly, the ultimate move to stretch those quads!

Yoga for runners

Hero’s Pose

Bring your knees to the floor. Keep them together as you sit back with your ankles coming wider than your hips. If you have a block, sit on it to make this pose a little more comfortable. If it feels OK, start to lean back, trying your best to keep the knees together. Take note of how that feels. Stay here for a few deep breaths, or move into a deeper stretch either by propping up on to your elbows and lowering your upper body closer to the floor.

Practice these poses throughout the week, especially after a long run. The more flexible your muscles become, the more fluid your stride will be. And always remember to hydrate before and after stretching! Good luck to all of our Philly Marathoners and Half Marathoners!!